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I have been working as a Counsellor since 2009, qualifying whilst studying at the Lackham Campus in Wiltshire. I am a member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and work closely to their ethical framework.

To practice ethically I commit to being supervised whilst working as a counsellor so you can feel confident that I am working effectively and safely.

The Counselling world is forever evolving and I endeavour to move with it and commit to CPD (Continued Professional Development).  *

I am DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checked. I am insured to practice.

Over the years I have worked within a number of agencies offering counselling and support on a variety of issues. I have worked in women's refuges working alongside those who have been through domestic abuse helping them to find their autonomous self.  I held a position at SSAFA (Sailors, Soldiers Airmen and their Families Association) for many years and worked with a huge range of issues.  Those who used SSAFA's support services dealt with many challenges including homelessness, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), relationships, bullying, LGBT (Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual & Transgender), loneliness and isolation, harassment and self harm.

I also have experience of foster care, teen pregnancies, bereavement, the benefit system, trauma and long term health issues.

I have recently had further training in understanding and working with the neuro divergent brain.  This has become both a professional and personal journey which I continue to evolve.


I will provide you with a safe and secure space to explore any issue you wish to bring to counselling and you will have the confidence to know that the space will be free from any preconceptions or judgements.

I work eclectically as an Integral Counsellor,  I will always take your needs into account and recognise that everything past and present in your life is interconnected and how this may be impacting on the present moment. I hope to restore a positive sense for yourself and that your life becomes a more healthy and balanced one. I will use a variety of models, skills and tools.  Further knowledge of these models can be found on my website, just head to the drop down menu.

As counsellors we too have to deal with the impact of life's stresses of everyday living and I believe it is important to find an outlet for these stresses. My own outlet is in art and design, music and being outside in nature. 

*This became very evident in the year, 2020, as the world faced the COVID-19 virus.

People needed health services to be there for them including being able to find the right mental health support.  Counsellors and therapists adapted quickly taking on new ways of working and retraining so they could deliver online therapies safely and ethically.

I too have gained further qualifications in this area and have delivered online therapy since 2020, meeting the needs of my clients effectively.  If you would like to learn more about online therapy please head to the drop down menu where you will find further information.

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