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Therapy Styles and Approaches

The Models and How They Work

I am an Integrative Counsellor which means I will combine different therapeutic tools and models to fit the individual client.
These are the models I will work with.

Wandering Traveler

Person Centred Therapy

This approach allows the client to take more of a lead which hopefully lets them discover their own solutions.
The counsellor will listen without judgement acknowledging the clients experiences but does not deliberately move the conversation in any one way or another.
This therapy is good for those who may need to gain more self confidence. It is helpful for those who are facing grief, depression, anxiety, stress or abuse.

Peering into the Woods


This therapy looks at how the clients past may be influencing the present. It is an in-depth talking therapy and focuses on the clients external relationships. The client is encouraged to speak freely about what comes to mind.
The goal is to gain an increase in self-esteem by recognising their own strengths, talents and abilities.
It is helpful for those who are depressed, have difficulty maintaining personal relationships, social anxiety, eating disorders and addictions.

Meditation by the Sea

Humanisitc Therapy

This therapy looks at the whole person and their individual nature. It focuses on the persons own ability to find positive traits and personal instincts so that they can find their own wisdom and answers to their own healing.
The counsellor will explore how the client feels in the here and now and will include a gestalt approach offering a supportive and empathetic environment without judgement. 
This approach is more holistic believing the client has the potential to find enlightenment and wisdom for themselves as they are motivated to fulfill their own needs.
It is used for depression, anxiety, panic disorders, personality disorders, addiction and relationship issues including family relationships.

Back with Tattoos

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT

This hopes to treat problems and boost happiness. This therapy is solution focused encouraging clients to modify their behaviour by challenging distorted cognition's and destructive patterns. 
It will identify harmful thoughts and their accuracy of reality employing strategies and challenges to overcome them.
This approach to therapy is appropriate for all ages and appropriate for depression, anxiety, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), eating disorders and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

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