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Yoga at Home

Here you will find a collection of videos for you to browse.  Some are educational, some might be helpful but I hope you you enjoy taking a look through them.

Each month I will pick and choose a variety of videos to post so please pop back regularly!

Happy watching! 

If you wish to request a theme for a video please feel free to get in touch and let me know your ideas.  Just hit the contact button on the menu bar or you can do it here.

Self Compassion
The School of Life

Self Compassion

It’s all too easy to be extremely tough on ourselves; we need – at points – to get better at self-compassion. Here is an exercise in how to lessen the voices of self-flagellation. Enjoying our Youtube videos? Get full access to all our audio content, videos, and thousands of thought-provoking articles, conversation cards and more with The School of Life Subscription: Be more mindful, present and inspired. Get the best of The School of Life delivered straight to your inbox: The School of Life runs a global online psychotherapy service that assists clients from over 40 countries. To find out more and book a session today, please visit our website: FURTHER READING “When we fail and mess up in our lives (perhaps a project at work goes wrong or a relationship ends), our moods are at risk of heading towards two extremes: self-pity on the one hand, where it is exclusively everyone else’s fault and we bathe in a sense of our innocence and purity. And on the other, self-flagellation, where we blame only ourselves, tear ourselves apart and constantly replay evidence of our waywardness and sheer stupidity...” You can read more on this and many other topics here: MORE SCHOOL OF LIFE More films on SELF in our playlist below: SOCIAL MEDIA Feel free to follow us at the links below: Facebook: X: Instagram: CREDITS Produced in collaboration with: Directed by Joe Bichard Music and Sound by Skillbard Additional Voice Talent by Sophie Koko Gate Additional Animation by Joe Sparrow Desk Space Generosity by Moth Collective, Studio AKA and Joe Sparkes #TheSchoolOfLife
How mindfulness changes the emotional life of our brains | Richard J. Davidson | TEDxSanFrancisco
TEDx Talks

How mindfulness changes the emotional life of our brains | Richard J. Davidson | TEDxSanFrancisco

"Why is it that some people are more vulnerable to life's slings and arrows and others more resilient?" In this eye-opening talk, Richard Davidson discusses how mindfulness can improve well-being and outlines strategies to boost four components of a healthy mind: awareness, connection, insight, and purpose. Richard Davidson is researching how mindfulness changes the emotional life of our brains and what we know about people's brains of individuals showing more resilience than others. Davidson is Wiliam James and Vilas professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as founder and director of the Center for Healthy Minds. His research is focused on the neural bases of emotion and emotional style and methods to promote human flourishing, including meditation and related contemplative practices. #Neuroscience #Wellbeing #MentalHealth Richard Davidson is Research Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry and Founder & Director of the Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison.Davidson’s research is focused on the neural bases of emotion and emotional style and methods to promote human flourishing including meditation and related contemplative practices. He has published more than 400 articles and is the co-author of “The Emotional Life of Your Brain” and “Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body”, both published by Penguin. Davidson has been recognized for his research through various awards, such as a National Institute of Mental Health Research Scientist Award and an Established Investigator Award from the National Alliance for Research in Schizophrenia and Affective Disorders (NARSAD). Davidson received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in Psychology and has been teaching psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1984. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
Easy Guided Meditation for Beginners - 15 min Meditation for Clarity & Relaxation
Yoga with Kassandra

Easy Guided Meditation for Beginners - 15 min Meditation for Clarity & Relaxation

A simple 15 min guided meditation for beginners to gain clarity. 🌞 FREE 30 DAY MORNING YOGA CHALLENGE 🌞 👉 🛍️ SHOP MY MERCHANDISE, BOOKS & ONLINE COURSES 🧘👉 Hi yogis, some of you have been requesting meditation tutorials so I'm offering you this very simple 15 minute meditation that is perfect for beginners! I'll go over the basics of meditating and then we will go right into it. The trick is to not obsess over clearing your mind! Don't worry about always being still, always being thought-free or meditating "perfectly". Simply sit and breathe, that's it! Over time the spaces between your thoughts will distance themselves but there's no need to rush or force it. Make sure you are sitting comfortably, either on a block or a few blankets. You can even sit on a chair if sitting on a floor doesn't work for you! I hope you enjoy this simple and straightforward guided meditation :) Music: ✅ SUBSCRIBE TO SUPPORT FREE YOGA ON THE INTERNET 🔔 Don’t forget to click on the bell to turn on post notifications! Thanks for watching, Kassandra WEB ➡️ INSTAGRAM ➡️ 📱 MY MOBILE APP 📱 Stream or download more than 800+ classes, use the in-app calendar to track and schedule classes, new exclusive challenges, classes and programs added every month ❤️ FREE TO DOWNLOAD ❤️ FREE YOGA CHALLENGES 🌞 30 day Morning Yoga Challenge 🌛 30 day Evening Yoga Challenge: 🧘 7 day Yoga & Meditation Challenge: 🤸 30 day Flexible Body, Flexible Mind Challenge: MY PUBLISHED BOOKS & PRODUCTS 🌿 "Year of Yoga" (NEW Book+ Online Program): 🎴 "I Radiate Joy" Affirmation Card Deck: ✍️ "My Yoga Journey" Guided Yoga Journal: 📕 "Yin Yoga: Stretch the Mindful Way" Book: 🎁 "My Yoga Journey" GIFT SET journal, candle + book: 🛒 SHOP MY AMAZON FAVORITES 🛍️ STUDY WITH ME 🎓 30 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training: 🎓 10 hour Vinyasa Teaching Methodologies: 🕉️ 10 hour Yoga Philosophy Course: ⚡ 10 hour Tantra Wisdom Goddesses Course: 🌛 The Art of Abundance 31 day program: Yoga with Kassandra - Disclaimer Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By participating in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Yoga with Kassandra from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Yoga with Kassandra’s negligence. #meditation #15minmeditation #easymeditation easy meditation for beginners 15 min meditation how to meditate mindfulness
Marconi Union - Weightless (Official Video)

Marconi Union - Weightless (Official Video)

Introducing Marconi Union’s Weightless and Beyond – an ad free 24/7 livestream on YouTube featuring Weightless, Slow Motion, Dead Air and other ambient songs in the band’s catalogue. Come and join us here: The livestream is ambient music for sleep, focus & relaxation, with no ad breaks. Keep eyes and ears out for news about exclusives only available via the livestream. --------------------------------------------- Now Available in Dolby Atmos: We are delighted to announce that their now iconic and seminal track ‘Weightless’ widely considered to be the most relaxing track in the world with hundreds of millions of streams worldwide and 500m+ views on TikTok, is released for the first time in Atmos on the Digital Services that currently support Atmos, namely Apple Music, Amazon HD and Tidal. --------------------------------------------- “Since its original release in 2011, Weightless has been the subject of unprecedented media attention. Ironically, this has overshadowed the album’s musicality. Now, for the first time, Weightless is being released on vinyl and we hope that this will allow the album to be heard independently of its reputation.” – Marconi Union Read More: Buy the album Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol 2): + iTunes: + Just Music Store + The Ambient Zone selects and curates ambient music from across the full musical spectrum to create a magical listening experience acting as a trusted curator for a growing community of ambient music fans, offering all the good things that the word ‘ambient’ means and is associated with to different people in a quieter world. Continue listening by following our carefully curated playlists below: AMBIENT ESSENTIALS: The best recent tracks and artists you need to hear AMBIENT CLASSICS: A collection of iconic tracks that define the genre AMBIENT RELAX The best ambient music to relax to AMBIENT MEDITATION The best ambient music to meditate to AMBIENT STUDY The best ambient music to study to Visit our website for more releases, playlists, podcasts, live shows and information: “An ethereal sense of eternally free-flowing dimensions...worth the wait” - DJ Mag 8/10 “Two years after [Weightless] was declared 'the most relaxing tune ever' they've delivered five further, equally calming, pieces worthy of men once asked to remaster the Eno's back catalogue” - Uncut 8/10 Other albums by Marconi Union: + Ghost Stations “One of the finest electonica releases of the year.” – Louder Than War “Marconi Union always find beauty in the bleakest places “ – Uncut 8/10 + Different Colours “Marconi Union are amongst today’s most talented musicians” – Sunday Times + Beautifully Falling Apart (Ambient Transmissions Vol 1) “Marconi Union create wonderful emotive music” - Drowned in Sound + A Lost Connection “Pensive and also sensitive and quietly dazzling” - Music OMH + Distance ”An immersive and mediative journey. Sonically immaculate” Uncut + Under Wires and Searchlights “A vital excursion into a shadowy but bewitching world” - Uncut ............................................................................................... Watch on Vimeo: Directed by Richard Johnston
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